Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

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Building Brands & Telling Stories Since 2017

Just like you, our company has a story behind it too! 

Nolan started Creative Era Media in 2017 at 17 years old out of his parent’s basement with a vision to help business owners tell their companies stories through digital media, as well as bring in new customers through paid traffic.

Nolan was inspired after seeing so many local business owners try their hardest to evolve to a new marketing standard, but time and time again fail simply because they either didn’t have the time to learn or the understanding of why it was important.

The name Creative Era Media came from the thought that the 21st century was filled with so many new creative opportunities and individuals that it really was a new era for creativity.

Our clients mean the world to us, we firmly believe in creating a great, lifelong relationship with our clients, and truly being with them when they need us.

We take pride in not only being there during the good times, but also the bad ones. When our clients are having bad months, we’re right there in the trenches with them, figuring out any way we can help out. 

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