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Our Belief

You Have A Story, It's Our Job To Tell It To The World

In the past year, we’ve come to realize that our clients, our partners, need more than just effective advertising, they need a team behind them that can tell their story while still bringing incredible results.

Our client’s businesses are unique, YOUR business is unique, so providing one single service, or one single approach just won’t cut it.

Our clients are more than just another number, we’re partners with them, not only are we there for the good months, celebrating broken sales goals, we’re also there for those rough months where they need ideas and more help than usual.

So, What Do We Do Exactly?

We Offer a Holistic Approach
To Growing Your eCommerce Brand Online

Paid Advertising

Our team manages over $60k in ad spend daily, on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and now even TikTok!


Content Creation

Our team of content creators knows that it’s important to create content that tells your story, content that you can be proud of, that’s why we offer both photo AND video services!

Social Media Management

Managing social media can be a pain, it takes a lot of hours and a lot of work to create beautiful content, that’s why we want to take the stress out of your hands, and manage your posts & stories

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Our 3-Month Approach
To Your Business

Month 1

Month 1 is often the most exciting time for our clients, during this time, we will begin running our first ads, seeing results almost instantly, as well as begin creating content for your social media pages

Month 2

Month 2 is the analytical month, we take what we have done during the first month, and begin turning up the dial, this is where our clients begin seeing an upward spike in sales, setting us up for the months to come.

Month 3+

Month 3 onward is about growth and scale! This is where we can begin to create goals for the coming year, as well as understand what we need to do to ensure consistant growth.

Meet our Incredible

Nolan Gorniak

Founder/Head of Content Creation

Matt Faber

Head Media Buyer

Kyle Scott

Google Ads Media Buyer

Alex McCaffrey

Content Creation

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Free 30-Minute Consultation

In just 30 short minutes, we will review what you and your team are currently doing, as well as set you up with the next steps you can take to begin bringing consistent results online through paid advertising and social media management.

Find a time on the calendar to the left and we will speak soon!

Who Should Schedule a Free Consultation?

  • Businesses looking to scale to multi 6 and 7 figures online
  • Businesses who want to take their offline business online
  • Businesses who would like to increase average ROAS, as well as increase their average order value
  • Businesses who need a top-of-the-line agency to manage 4-5 figures in ad spend daily, and take care of their needs
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Creative Era Media and I started working together in November of 2018. After a quick meet and greet, I was confident that my company and our lack of social media presence were in good hands.

-Their input has been crucial to our marketing strategy and execution. Through Creative Era Media, my company receives hundreds of leads each month and has an established social media presence online.

Will Carter

President of Massage Heights Canada


Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” solution, we believe every business is unique, so pricing varies based on what you need. Book a call with our team here to learn more!

We consider our contracts pretty simple. Our initial contract length is only 3-months (to build and scale your systems) then transfers into a month to month deal for us to manage everything for you

100% Yes! However, there are quite a few perks to working with a qualified agency such as ourselves, including freeing up your time, working with a highly experienced team, having a dedicated team, and even saving on the cost of employees such as healthcare, insurance, payroll fees, etc.

While we cannot make guarantees (our legal team would hate us 😉), this question varies on a number of different factors, however, a lot of our clients see results within the first few days of working with us

Unfortunately, we cannot make any guarantees for results, however, every client we have worked with so far has seen some degree of positive ROI!

One thing we pride ourselves in is our exceptionally quick onboarding process. Unlike traditional agencies and our competitors who take up to 1-month to onboard you (and still charge you!!) We take about 90-minutes and are up and running within the first few days.

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